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4 Copy Cloud

World's first 4-Copy cloud includes

Built-In Disaster Recovery

As the aim of 4 copy cloud is to prevent data loss, disaster recovery is an integral part of 4 copy cloud. The third copy of your cloud acts as a cold DR option and the fourth acts as hot DR, with customizable RTO and RPO.

SOC Ready & Security Compliant

We provide proactive monitoring with log maintenance and analysis. Our physical security components include role base access, built in dual factor authentication, man trap among other modern methods.

Tier 4 infrastructure

Hosted on cutting-edge architecture, our cloud service infrastructure is scalable with unlimited instances and capacity that caters to start up enterprises and big businesses alike. We provide mechanical, technology, architectural, and network redundancy with 99.995% availability SLA.

Business Continuity Process (BCP) Ready

BCP ready design consists of 4 copies of your cloud. The first and second copies of your infrastructure are hosted locally in a region of your choice. The third and fourth copies are hosted in a different seismic zone. Together, these four copies of your instance form a fortress for your data and provide disaster recovery with customizable RTO & RPO.


Cloud4C’s 4 copy cloud is a failsafe infrastructure and is designed to withstand stringent compliance requirements. It is recommended for your mission-critical applications. With 4 copies of your system including a cold and a hot DR provision, your applications will always be up and running. We also provide a series of globally approved security options, so your application sits on the most robust infrastructure. Our 4 copy cloud system is hailed as the best possible security and disaster recovery plan by our customers.

Our design starts at the basics and we begin by choosing the best-in industry branded hardware. This hardware is hosted in a Tier 4 datacenter with 8 zone security. Our Tier 4 datacenter is audit ready at all times and you don’t have worry about meeting compliances. The 4 copy cloud service has built-in high availability, disaster recovery & backup for business continuity as follows:


Live Copy :
This is your primary instance with single data copy with host level hardware redundancy and includes network, storage network and controller high availability.

True-HA Copy :
This second instance with a copy of your data in synchronous replication with your live copy is deployed 100 meters away from it. This provides SAN storage high availability.


Archive/Backup Copy :
This is the third copy of your instance and accounts for the third copy of your data that is backed up at a 24 hour frequency. This provides cold disaster recovery and is deployed at least 700 kms away from the first two copies of your instance.

True Disaster Recovery Copy :
The fourth and final copy of your instance runs as your hot DR copy at datacenter in a different seismic zone with RTPO of 1 hour.


All our replication is done automatically so there are no possibilities of manual errors. The hypervisor replication enables you many benefits as it is hardware agnostic, granularity, scalability and ease of management. We also provide SAS SSD storage for fast data retrieval, saving you a lot of time and allowing faster decision making.

You will have complete control of your cloud through the monitoring and security dashboard. You can create or terminate your virtual machines, customize the capacity, add horizontal and vertical Scaling, support, billing, and utilize add-ons like load balancing, among other things. All services under Cloud 4C are covered under Single SLA for so it is easy to manage and allows transparency and accountability.

Our final round of offering includes our fabulous support team. Our 500+ certified engineers deliver extensive technology expertise to enable innovative and fast solution for your business. Our 4 copy cloud is based on our total ownership philosophy which ensures that you can focus on your core business and leave the IT infrastructure to us.

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