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Hybrid Cloud


Cloud4C's hybrid cloud features


Completely customizable for your business needs with any part of your infrastructure hosted as dedicated, while others can be shared so you can find the right choice of security and affordability.


With Cloud4C, you get instant provisioning, so you can scale your infrastructure anytime. We give you access to a one click self-provisioning portal, which allows you to scale up and down at any given point of time.


Our hybrid cloud allows you access to the most robust and secure system. You can choose from more than 40 Layers of security, which we have to offer on our cloud, which will ensure Data Protection and all important compliances. This would otherwise be investment heavy, thus saving you considerable capital expenditure as well.

Total Ownership

Cloud4C takes ownership of the infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about hiring experts and maintaining the system. We even have a penalty backed single SLA policy that promises 99.995% application uptime.

Cloud4C’s hybrid cloud is an enterprise grade, compliant ready solution. The Cloud4C team will be with you from start till the end, in helping you choose the best possible option for your business and then manage it and maintain it for you. You will also have the option of integrating this new infrastructure with your current IT system, so nothing needs to change. The hassle of moving the old to new is eliminated. Our hybrid cloud solution, emphasizes on the main aspects like constantly changing traffic and gives focus on the workload applications, which makes sure that your environment is running effectively.

Key features

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