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Private Cloud Server Hosting Services


Dedicated Resources

Private Cloud gives you the option of having a server set up dedicated only for your business and save a lot of resources as Cloud4C will manage and host your server.

Flexible Choices

Cloud4C has pre-configured templates that can be made ready to use quickly. If those don’t meet your business needs, you can get bespoke configurations with a mix of public and private cloud that fits your business perfectly.

Robust Security

Cloud4C security services are designed to serve the banks and other financial institutions. The same level of security is often used for all our other hosting services.

Global Reach

Cloud4C has presence in Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, USA and Australia with enterprise customers enabling better collaborations.

Managed Private Cloud Server

Cloud4C private cloud solutions provide the elasticity and performance of public cloud within a controlled and personalized environment. Private cloud solutions offer greater control over you applications and root files, but that will mean you need that kind of server management expertise. Cloud4C takes ownership of all application and server management so you can leave all the IT-related routine and one-time tasks to Cloud4C.

With Cloud4C you can choose the kind of deployment, OS, and technology. You will be able to choose what applications go on a private server and which ones will go on public cloud to align your requirements to your budgets.

Key features

  • Full Root Access - You will receive full root access and gain control of your machine and remote files editing capacity.
  • Scalability - Cloud4C has capacity to scale quickly and fulfill your business requirements with up to 10x scalability options.
  • Self-Provisioning - The system will be provisioned through a no training needed, single point portal. The provisioning is instant and easy to deploy so you will never be tied down with old hardware and the need for procuring new hardware is scrapped
  • Mission-Critical Applications Enabled - Cloud hosting in a robust and secure infrastructure along with an SLA on 99.995% uptime, backup, and disaster recovery makes our cloud architecture ready for mission-critical applications.
  • Add-Ons - Our add-ons include CPanels, SSL certificates for servers & website control panel free of cost
  • Technology Dedicated Support - 16 COEs with extensive domain knowledge and certified engineers are available round the clock through phone, email and chat.
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