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managed services

Security Managed Services for Different Apps under one Unified Solution


Our Effective Security Services

real time monitoring

Real time monitoring

All events and incident management including health of application monitored on multiple parameters.

compliance auditing & reporting

Compliance Auditing & Reporting

Automated compliance reports once in a month including details of security concerns & health review


Proactive mitigation of security threats

Detailed log correlation with SIEM and log analyser to mitigate attacks before they happen

soc monitoring

SOC Monitoring

Highest levels of security through a 24X7 Security operations center which ensures peace of mind for CISO.


Core Service Deliverables


With every passing day threats are growing bigger. Requisite skills are coming at a premium. Budgets are shrinking. We will help you address these challenges and close that gap - through our unique integrated platform which gives you 360 degree view of your security needs and can be customized to meet the unique demands and policies of your organization.


Information Security Policy

Cloud4C will adopt your information security framework and automate the monitoring and management to meet your organization’s security policies.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

With our advanced SIEM feature you will be able to act on threats as and when they happen as the data visibility will be real time.

User Authentication and Control

Cloud4C will help you define and implement the highest level of access governance using multifactor authentication and public key infrastructure

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

Our Advanced and affordable DDOS Protection helps you protect from attackers who are now better equipped with more powerful tools and technology for their use.

Log Management

This will help you identify unauthorized access attempts (such as SSH and MySQL brute force attempts) preventing the compromise of sensitive data


Cloud4C has a team of security experts who can do regular Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and advise you on ways to enhance the protection of your apps


Cloud4C Security Intelligence tool : Advantages over other tools

Activities Data Required for Detection SIEM Config Auditing Tools Netflow Tools Performance e Monitoring Tools File Integrity Monitoring Tools CSIT
Phase 1: Probe Internet-facing systems IDS/IPS Logs
Operating System Logs
Web Server Logs
Phase 2: Install malware on compromised hosts OS Configuration Data
OS Asset Data
Performance Metrics
Phase 3: Attempt dictionary or brute-force attack Operating System Logs
SQL Server Logs
Netflow Data
Phase 4: Transfer data to compromised system(s) Netflow Data
Cross-Correlation Support

Cloud4C Security Intelligence Tool - Features

Configuration AuditData Type SIEM Config Auditing Tools Netflow Tools Performance Monitoring Tools File Integrity Monitoring Tools CSIT
Applications and Services --
System Audit Settings
File System Access Controls
Security Settings
User Rights
Network Parameters
Physical Access
Cross-Correlation Support
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